Saturday, November 1, 2008

SoCal is not a city

Met a dude the other day. Asked him where he was from.

"i'm from So-Cal."


"Yeah, So-Cal."

"Where the aych is So-Cal?"

"You know...Southern California."

"Oh really? What city?"


"Why don't you just say 'Anaheim' then? Everyone knows where Anaheim is."

"What about you? Where you from?"

" i'm from Cen-Ute."


"Yeah. You know. Central Utah. "  Moron.

You are not cool just because you are from Southern California and you are even less cool when you say So-Cal.  You thing you're cool because you have a beach? The Goonies had a beach and they were nerds.  You move to another state, pop your collar, faux-hawk your hair, take a cash advance on your mom's Visa card to buy some True Religions, drive a 4x2 white Ford truck with your "SoCal" sticker on the back window...perfect target practice for eggs.   

Please retake Geography. 

P.S. APX is hiring. 


charity said...

haha. agreed. and really, no one in "SoCal" says "SoCal" or "Cali". those are totally displaced words. losers.

em ♥ russ said...

charity would know, she's from cali.